Tory Cowles

Art is the expression of deeply held truths. The way I try to express those truths is to work spontaneously, from the heart, in a stream of consciousness. With no preconception of how a sculpture will evolve, I start with interesting colors, shapes and textures and start acting on and responding to the juxtapositions that evolve allowing the work to mature until the overall composition is interesting and pleasing to me.

My early background was in carpentry, woodworking, stonewall building, interior design and architecture – all three dimensional manipulations of colors, shapes and textures. Taking an abstract painting class was a revelation because I could experiment freely and easily with the elements of texture, color and shapes that interested me in my three dimensional work. In both my 2 and 3 dimensional work, my goal is to make a visual symphony of textures, colors and shapes that is evocative and powerful.

The material basis for many of my sculptures is the patina and texture of used metal roofing, and electrical wires from my husband’s organic farm and found materials. I like juxtaposing them with silky, quilted or lacy fabrics, wires of different diameters and textures, polished Plexiglas, and occasionally lights. My 2 dimensional abstract paintings often have additions of wire, cardboard, fabrics, and paper.

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