Sharon Pierce McCullough

Sharon Pierce McCullough is an abstract painter and a narrative sculptor. Her paintings reflect meaning relative to self, relationships and choices one makes in life. Her sculptures, reflective of her love of simplicity, make use of ordinary and recycled materials to create unique, organic pieces of art. An underlying thread of “fun” has always permeated her works.

McCullough’s sculptures combine the use of cement, clay or plaster to cover armatures, both large and small, constructed from steel, rebar, wire or cardboard. Her early, definitive style continues in her sculptures with a minimalism obtained using only ordinary materials, including colorful glass combined with cement. It has been noted that many of her animal sculptures are reminiscent of Cycladic sculptures. There is a spontaneity to her work as she explores the relationship of positive and negative space, color and form.

McCullough’s original artwork has been collected and displayed in private homes, businesses, children’s hospitals and public buildings across the country. In addition, she is a published Children’s Book author/ illustrator.

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