Rob Muir

Degreed at Keller Business Graduate School, Chicago, IL and INSEAD Executive Management Studies, Fontainbleu, France.

43 years business and engineering management experience in U.S. and India in the metals processing industry

Various sculpture studies with Jin Lee and Wilfredo Valladares, Arundel College, Maryland, Bruce Lindsay, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ and John Ruppert, University of Maryland

The science of natural materials has always fascinated me. The many ways that art form and earth science are inextricably linked yields constant surprises. I work with interesting stones in combination with metals and glass formed from the elements of earth to display their natural beauty. Viewing and creating sculptures can be an oasis where one can relax, let your mind wonder and explore forms, colors and Earth’s beauty. My sculptures are intended to give viewers a prism through which to view diverse natural Earth Sculptures.

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