Marja Ponkka Carpenter

I am a storyteller. A poet by heart.

Early 90”s, when words weren’t enough to convey, I began sculpting with clay.
There were stories that needed to be told.

In this first sculpture series I explored the seemingly quiet, hollow form of an Amphora. Container. Silence in the depth of the darkness that was not true.
Lines without voice. The hand built Amphora Series turned into figurative sculptures as the first human hand emerged.

The Spike Series originate from my mother’s traditional wall hanging that I wanted to turn into a colorful, 3-dimensional wall sculpture by replacing the hand-knotted yarn with hand- filled fabric cones stapled onto wood.

I grew up in a small village in Finland, surrounded by tall, majestic pine trees. With every intricate spike set completed I see the forest and landscape quality in them with rising and falling geometric forms. Spikes, as the deep forest of the North where I can hear the earth breathing.

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