Linda Hesh

My studio practice includes both exhibition work as well as public interactive projects. Photography and text are central to both in an exploration of the relationship between the personal and political, identity and marginalization. I am very conscious of speaking to an audience, declaring private musings publicly to play with taboos or challenge social norms. The didactic nature of my use of text derives from our desire to communally declare and explore our seemingly private selves. And though I have very definite ideas that motivate and direct my work, I encourage viewers to experience and interpret my art as it relates to their own lives.

Gallery Work
My gallery work originates with a word or phrase that exemplifies and distills a situation. Inspiration comes from historical, scientific and psychological readings along with the anecdotal evidence of friends. Text appears in my photographs either as a digital addition, or as fabricated objects inscribed with phrases. The words become an interruption of everyday life, revealing the cultural bias, stereotypes and socio-political realities that underlie our seemingly politically correct society.

Public Interactive Work
The desire to explore societal issues also drives the concepts for my public interactive work. I started doing this form of artwork as a sort of survey to elicit opinions from people on the street. It’s a way to open up to a new audience, one that might not venture into galleries. Plus it’s exciting to have people literally become part of my art. Projects often include an internet aspect for comments and images extending the conversation after the initial interactive event.

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