Laura Konopinski

I am a visual artist, but not only. Though, I’m continually drawn to the complex properties of glass as they reflect in the concepts of my work by revealing strength, sensitivity, seclusion and transparency. Sculpting subtle undulations on the surface of glass creates dynamic movement between still images. These optical variations distort the dimensional understanding of the worlds in which I build inside.

My sculptures begin with a hollow blown glass vessel. After the glass is cooled into a solid form, I cut apart the vessels in preparation for each layer. The empty vessel layers provide a floor constructed of multiple sheets of flat glass, photographic imagery and painted enamel. To create the layers within each of my sculptures, every item is carefully placed and secured by hand. Once the individual layers are finalized, they are restacked and assembled, ready for the outside of the final form to be polished.

By exploring the contradictory nature of glass, my works embody the emotional development of change and transformation. I create narrative stories that show the connection between our human experiences and our animal instincts. These stories are often retold from the interactions witnessed within my personal space, influenced by the larger realm of our surroundings. I examine the driving forces behind what creates an emotional response and what initiates the motivation to react. Like a ripple of one raindrop into a puddle, the energy from one thing will always affect another. Welcome to my world.

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