Kay Christy

My search, passion and innate curiosity are steeped in cultural icons, past and present. Art is a search for truth of being. The process, therefore, becomes a state of being.

Motifs and design are built from the structure of a cross-cultural use of color and expression, including a universal sense of space and constructed moments of beauty. I am drawn to the resonance of industrial based design and the interplay between high and low culture, regardless of geographic or historical origins of inception.

There have been various departures as I experiment with both subject and medium, but three main tenants continue to be the basis of my interest: my identity as a woman, the mythologies we create and recreate especially through toys and fetish items, and the tenuous, overlapping line between mysticism and science, particularly in relation to humanity and the body self.

To refer and combine visual content and design speaks of the universal structures as means of expressing culture, voice, time and the human experience.

Email the Artist: conceptgirl@gmail.com