Jerome Harris Parmet

Sculpture might be called my “second language” and the creation of artwork my newly found voice. After 40 years enjoying the planning and design of corporate architectural interiors, today my artistic mode of expression is steel sculpture. The strength and durability of the material versus its surprising liquidity and malleability has always fascinated me and for the past few years, I’ve experimented with junk yard steel, fresh metal, welding, grinding, blacksmithing, innovating … it’s a fresh and soulful journey.

All my works are created and fabricated by myself. Each is original, often unplanned but guided by the materials I’ve assembled, although some have been created by commission. Perhaps because I was a professional designer, the underlying concepts of design, balance, tension, color and expression are inherent and natural for me. This grouping celebrates steel for its strength and timelessness, while incorporating the context of the natural world. My goal always is to create a new and provocative visual for the viewer, while still retaining the natural dignity of the material.

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