Janet Brome

I wake up thinking, “I should clean the kitchen today,” but where i always want to be is in my studio working. I am happy when I am creating art. I like to wrestle with both aesthetic and mechanical problems. When making screen sculptures, I must figure out how to cut a flat piece of screen that will bend to make the desired shape. By adding color and layering the wire mesh, I can create work that reveals surprises from every angle. Many of my sculptures incorporate cast shadows as a part of the composition.

I am drawn to making animal images. I especially like the challenge of finding the beauty in creatures considered unappealing. A warthog can be rendered with grace.

I need to constantly explore and take risks. Recently I have been making sculptures that move, speak, or light up when activated by the viewer. Who knows what will come next? My goal is for my work to engage the viewer and offer delight or wonder.

I am represented by the following galleries: Blue Spiral I in Asheville, Meghan Candler in Vero Beach, and R.H. Ballard in Little Washington.
Several of my sculptures have been installed in condominium lobbies in the D.C. area.

Email the Artist: jbromeart@gmail.com

Artist's Website: http://www.janetbrome.com