Jackie Braitman

I’m a sculptor. I specialize in site- and goal-determined work – work that is directly responsive to the site, its history and future, and the vision of my clients. In my independent work, I’m interested in motion and particularly in how to create a sense of motion in a static work. My work is largely abstract with broad rather than intricate strokes. I work primarily in steel and glass but also have works including aluminum, concrete, wood and specialty materials depending upon the work and its placement.

In my gallery work, I’ve been concentrating on abstract representations of the human form in motion. My large-scale sculptural work is both more personal and also more universal: Personal in using iconography and concepts particular to the host community; Universal in that the forms are designed to be engaging for decades – saying something different to the viewer each time it’s viewed.

I’m also an architectural and landscape designer and maintain a fully integrated practice of sculpture, architecture and design. It’s this combination of art, architecture, and design that makes me particularly well suited to large-scale, installed works.

Email the Artist: jackie@jackiebraitman.com

Artist's Website: http://jackiebraitman.com