David Alexander

I paint light and color. I choreograph figure ground relationships. I develop visual vocabularies that become storytelling motifs on truth, identity, and the nature of information. I use the totem as a narrative structure. Within it, the work explores artificial hierarchies, simulation theory, and power dynamics. My process is a dynamic fluctuation between creation and destruction. During this process, the painting is created and destroyed, one layer built on top of another.
The figures in my paintings are characters from another world; Allegories of experience, thought and emotion. The paintings can best be appreciated in a dimly lit room with UV lighting.

David Haig Alexander is a Washington D.C. based figurative painter and sculptor. He earned a Master’s in Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 1999 and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997. For 10 years Alexander worked as an Information Architect in the digital marketing industry. Creating strategies for brands like Sony Pictures, Coca-Cola, and Marriott Hotels has influenced his art.

Alexander exhibits in major US cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. While living in Los Angeles he participated in emblematic events with Cannibal Flower, Hanger 1018, and The Hive Gallery. His work is in private and corporate collections including The Nippon Steel Corporation. Alexander mentored with several prominent American artists such as Southwest Sculptor Luis Jiménez, contemporary art icon Stanley Whitney, and Chicago Imagist Ray Yoshisda.

Email the Artist: enoartsinc@gmail.com

Artist's Website: https://enoarts.com/