Barbara Kobylinska

“Barbara Kobylinska approaches her art with both a studied sense of design and an unapologetic trust of intuition. Her artistic training and experience, has afforded her a solid understanding of structural form and language of shape, mass and proportion. Barbara Kobylinska is adventurous and inventive. With humor and a sophisticated, playful intelligence, she invites us to share her delight in the unexpected”. Bob Donovan, curator at Century Center Artspace, Arlington, VA.

“Nature has been a dominant factor that has influenced and inspired Barbara Kobylinska’s artwork. She feels and expresses her deep admiration for nature’s wonders: organic, rich forms and abundant colors in her giant flowers and bird sculptures. The passionate color and ebullient form of these works hide their humble origins. Brightly painted and over-the-top patterns of stripes, dots and dashes embellish every surface of these energetic structures from top to bottom.”

She received a Master’s degree in Graphic Design and later a Master’s in Costume and Stage Design at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, she has been an art teacher; a children’s book illustrator, a poster, puppet and stage designer; and finally a sculptor. Her large indoor/outdoor sculptures has been exhibited in many prestigious national art shows including SOFA WEST in Santa Fe, Chicago SOFA, US Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, Loveland Sculpture Show in Colorado, ArtPrize in Michigan, as well as, permanently aboard the “Oasis of the Sea” cruise ship, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Courthouse Galleries Portsmouth, Va. and various private collections throughout the country.

For over 20 years, she has worked in her Virginia Beach studio, creating large (4-6 ft.), colorful ceramics birds, bugs and flowers that mirror the natural world with an abstract, fanciful twist. “An exuberant world of plants and animals, courtesy of the fertile imagination and capable hands of Barbara Kobylinska. The pure visual pleasure of these sculptures connects us to the wondrous joy of life itself, and to the creative spirit that elevates the everyday to the extraordinary.”…. Peter Winant, Director of the School of Art, George Mason University.

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