Alan Rhody

Alan Rhody is a stone sculptor based in Towson, Maryland. Rhody utilizes classic materials (marble, limestone, alabaster and soapstone) and traditional tools (hammer, chisels, files) to handcraft unique contemporary artworks suitable for the home.

Although Rhody is inspired by the craftsmen of the past, many of his one-of-a-kind stone sculptures reflect the artifacts of our modern world and are infused with whimsical elements. For example, his recent portfolio includes a fashionable gentleman wearing a Covid mask along with his feathered top hat, a highly detailed electric guitar leaning against a wellworn amplifier, a lonely pair of discarded work shoes, a woman taking a bubble bath in her clawfoot tub, and a menacing shark emerging from the deep.

In addition to the more representational images, Rhody also carves beautiful abstract shapes and human forms that accentuate the natural shades and patterns found in the various rocks he selects. He is particularly fond of alabaster for its wide range of colors.

Rhody exhibits his work in art galleries and craft shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. To view a portfolio and exhibition history, visit

In addition to displaying his sculptures at local galleries and craft shows, he also teaches and demonstrates the art of stone carving at local schools and regional events. Requests for commissioned customized designs are accepted.

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