Tazuko Ichikawa

Her work is the result of the meeting of the two energies, one cultivated in her native Japanese culture which manifests in her work as an underlying spirit and the other, influenced mainly by the Catholic schools in Japan and an exposure to the Western environment after she moved to the United States.

Her media include wood, wax plastic, rope and paint through which she explores harmony for balance between opposites. Her forms are minimal and reduced to essentials whose space allows mind to expand freely.

In her creative process, her intuition plays an active role, which guides her to the source of creative energy.

She also enjoys outdoor sculptures made of wood, rocks, stones, branches and body of water.

Solo Exhibitions include Anton Gallery every 2 years since 1983, and Gallery K among others.

Group Exhibitions are at numerous galleries in DC, out of states and Canada.

Selected Collections include National Museum of American Art, University of Maryland, Myoenji Temple, Tokyo, Delaware Art Museum, Artery Collection.

Email the Artist: ta-ichikawa@outlook.com

Artist's Website: http://tazukoichikawa.com