Iris Posner

I am an artist working in sculpture and two dimensional forms with a variety of materials. My practice focuses on several areas — social issues, especially those related to women and children, environmental issues, as well as traditional and alternative considerations of materials, color, form and design.

The four sculptural works displayed here are part of a series entitled, “Looking for Home” which examines the causes, history and situation of the 60 million displaced persons in the world now, half of which are children. They have been displaced due to war, civil strife, genocide, environmental disasters and poverty. Many reside in ever growing tent camps, open fields and substandard housing. Millions, especially children have died. 

These works focuses on the search by people who have been voluntarily and involuntarily displaced for a place they can call “home” again – even if it it a rag-covered tent on parched and dead land (“Looking for Home”). Looking for some safe place many have literally given up everything they own as well as community and country. (“Sacrifice”). The works recognize the extreme actions people will take to move toward freedom despite all the obstacles (“Freedom Bound”).

The final work (“In Memory…” recalls all those lost, especially a generation of children who have died in this worldwide catastrophe.

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