Howard Goldfarb

I started this sculpture about 15 years ago. My idea came from a painting that had a 2-dimensional shape. The shape had 2 components: a cube with an offset square prism above. There was a yellow background. I began by constructing the cube and the square prism using 1/8” steel plates. Both the cube and the square prism had 9”x9” bases. The prism was constructed to be twice the height (18”) of the cube. Here the project waited until I retired from my teaching profession and then some years. Finally I completed the sculpture by welding the 2 prisms so there is a shift of 4.5” and added a base so that the prisms are tilted on a balancing point. The final step was completed with high gloss enamel paint.

The completed sculpture is simple but not trivial. There is an inherent balance with the joined gray and white prisms. The yellow base adds a background while the leaning angle presents some question.

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