Artina 2021: Balancing Acts

Presented by the Washington Sculptors Group and Sandy Spring Museum

August 4 – November 6, 2021

Adam BradleyAnnie FarrarStephanie GaronDalya LuttwakMary OpasikSookkyung ParkMarc RobargeBelen SorzanaVeronica SzalusIra Tattelman

Juried by Twylene Moyer

Artist /Juror Talk: Saturday, November 6, 2021, 12pm

The world is out of kilter, with natural as well as social systems listing to extremes. What we need, we say, is balance; balance must be restored. But what do we mean by “balance,” and what is our relationship to it? We often imagine (and we’re conditioned to strive for) an absolute ideal of perfect, harmonious equilibrium; a paradise lost or as yet unattained. But is this truly balance as we experience it physically or witness it in the natural world? What is balance without time and change? Perhaps the “ideal” is nothing more than a mental construct designed to serve human ends, including the desire for order and mastery. We want to think of ourselves as the still point of the fulcrum—the pandemic has clearly taught us otherwise. This show is about expanding and reimagining the idea of balance. Stability does not depend on stasis or rigidity; balance can be dynamic, contingent, and constantly in flux—a force of nature, an expression of life.
-- Twylene Moyer

Twylene Moyer, editor of Sculpture magazine, has published in a wide range of periodicals, monographs, and catalogues. She is the co-editor of five books on contemporary sculpture, including The New Earthwork: Art, Action, Agency. In addition to serving as a juror for a variety of shows, she curated “Insight Out” and “Disintegration,” two exhibitions of site-specific, outdoor works at the Arlington Arts Center.

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Image: Dalya Luttwak, Unearthing the Roots,
Courtesy of the Artist