• Apply to all juried WSG exhibitions.
  • Participate in monthly WSG educational programs, annual meeting and social events.
  • Receive Washington Sculptor Newsletter three times a year.
  • Receive emails containing information of special interest to members.
  • Have ready access to non-WSG opportunities notices on the WSG Website
  • Post images and information about their work in the Member Gallery on the WSG website.
  • Be included in the WSG membership directory.
  • Use the WSG member mailing list, once per year (email your request for mailing labels to at least two weeks prior to your mailing).
  • Attend WSG workshops, seminars, lectures and other educational and professional programs on topics such as art law, welding, glass making, mold making, public art, career development, marketing strategies, and creating presentations.
  • Receive reduced membership fees for partnering arts organizations: ISC (International Sculpture Center – 15%), WPA/DC (Washington Project for the Arts – 10%), IA&A (International Arts & Artists – 10%),Sculptors Inc of Baltimore ($10 off), Philadelphia Sculptors Group, New England Sculptors Group, and Tri-State Sculptors Group upon request.
  • Access WSG’s on-line discussion group at:
    • On this site, you may post messages to other members. You have the option to receive individual posts, a once-daily digest or a web-only subscription where you read messages on the web instead of having them come to your email box.
      To join, click the link below and follow the instructions. When you have finished registering, click the back button of your browser to return to the Washington Sculptors Group website.

What are the membership dues?

WSG Membership dues are $45 per year or $15 per year for students with ID. If you are a student, please send a copy of your ID with your form.

Membership Period: Members are expected to pay their dues (renew their memberships) each year in October, November or December for the following year January through December. Current paid-up members have “paid through (and the year)” printed above their names on their WSG Newsletter mailing label.

New Memberships paid any time during the period from January through September are for the current year January through December. Payments made later in the year, October through December, will be for October through December AND the following year.

Am I already a member?

For information about your membership status, or to change your contact information, write to “Membership” at the address below or email WSG at:

Can I pay by check?

Yes, simply mail the check and the form to:

Washington Sculptors Group
PO Box 42534
Washington, DC 20015

Is there a paper form?

We encourage you to complete the online membership form. However, if you need to apply via paper, you may print out and complete the WSG Membership Form and return it with your payment.