CLOSED Call for Entries: Shadowlands: 3-D Adventures in Light and Space

Presented by Washington Sculptors Group and the American Center for Physics

LOCATION: American Center for Physics, College Park, MD
Exhibition Venue: ACP Rotunda, Conference Rooms and Hallway

DATES: October 23, 2018 – April 12, 2019

JUROR: Sarah Tanguy
Curator Sarah Tanguy worked at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the National Gallery of Art, the International Exhibitions Foundation, The Tremaine Collection, the International Sculpture Center, as well as the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and the Hechinger Collection. In 2004, she became a curator at the office of Art in Embassies, U.S. Department of State, while continuing to pursue freelance projects. Tanguy has produced many exhibitions in the local DC area and written for Sculpture, and American Craft among other publications. Tanguy has curated an exhibition series for the American Center for Physics, which put her in touch with the latest in theoretical physics and led her to discover artists who explore the intersection between art and science.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 6, 2018 by midnight ET at

Applicants should go to ENTRYTHINGY and click on "For Artists" at top. Click on "list of current calls".
Scroll down and click on the "Sculpture Now 2018: ShadowLands" listing. There is a $5 entry fee charged by entrythingy. Entrythingy will give artists the opportunity to submit a total of 9 images and one proposal or documentation of the sculptures and drawings submitted. Artists should submit drawings, which relate to their sculptures.

Please note the size of the Rotunda, Conference Rooms and Cabinet spaces in the Call For Entry.

Since the fall of 1997, the American Center for Physics (ACP) has hosted two exhibitions a year on the ground floor of its headquarters located on 24-acre wooded site in College Park, Maryland. From Dark Matter to Chaos Theory, the program mines the intersection of art and current trends in science/mathematics around broad themes. Each exhibition lasts approximately five and a half months. An illustrated brochure with an essay by consulting curator Sarah Tanguy documents each exhibition, which features sculpture, painting, photographs, and works on paper.


Art and Physics have always been “great attractors” to adapt a term that describes a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space. Art interprets the visible world. Science, in particular Physics, charts its invisible workings. The two visions may appear opposed but the committed passion, the insatiable curiosity, and the ongoing risk-taking make artists and scientists kindred spirits who use different languages, the language of mathematics on one hand and on the other, the language of visual images. Most importantly, their fundamental quest is the same—to understand why things are the way they are.

The ACP exhibition calls for sculptors working in a series, and encourages work on paper that would describe or illustrate the sculptural forms, which will be on display in a large rotunda area, three conference rooms and two passageways. The exhibition would accommodate multiple works (2D and 3D) by the same artist.


The exhibition is open to current members of the Washington Sculptors Group only. Artists may join WSG by paying annual dues of $45 ($15 for full-time students). Prospective members may download a membership form from the WSG website, and send in a check, or may join online. WSG members must have paid their dues for 2018 to be eligible for this exhibition. The address label on this Call or the most recent copy of the WSG newsletter, Washington Sculptor, will show the year 2018 if your membership is up to date. Notices for 2018 dues were mailed in November 2017.

Cabinet measurements

In this exhibition artists are asked to explore the interrelation of art and science through the notion of gravity, including but limited to the effects of light and mass in the way that sculpture responds to gravity, interacts with space, and sometimes, moves through time. Artist’s visions have often anticipated or inspired the breakthroughs of physicists throughout history. Let’s continue the dialogue. Artists are encouraged to also submit 2D drawings and photographs, describing, inspiring or accompanying their sculptures.

Three-dimensional freestanding and wall-hung sculpture in relief, as well as smaller works for the wall vitrine installations are encouraged. Please see the dimensions of this below. Please do not submit video/film-based work there is a limited capacity for work that requires access to electric outlets. Basic technical support will be provided by the American Center for Physics.

Typically, the exhibitions include large and medium-scale, flat work or relief work and small-scale three-dimensional or relief work. The six niches in the conference rooms measure 89 (h)” x 140 (w)” and are usually earmarked for paintings. The six niches along the East-West Corridor measure 72 (h)” x 177 (w)” and are dedicated to photographs. The glassed-in vitrines in the Rotunda feature a minimum of 16 sculptures. These sculptures cannot exceed 9-1/2” in depth but can be wider and taller. Details below.

ACP Rotunda, Conference Rooms and Hallway
a. Rotunda Cabinets (10” x 24” x 55”)
b. Conference Walls (11’ x 7’ x 22” - six areas)
c. Passage Way (14 ‘ x 6 ‘ x 8”- six areas)

The work may be submitted in finished form or as a proposal. We highly recommend that artists research the ACP site, and visit if they wish to submit installations, site-specific work, or a proposal. The exhibition will be located in the rotunda and conference wall spaces as well as a passage space that are tangent to the building. Artists are encouraged to submit multiple works or a series of sculptures, drawings and photographs.

Artworks will be listed, and sale and inquiries directed to the artists. The ACP nor Consulting Curator will take a commission.

ACP will insure work while on site but NOT during transportation to or from the venue. On-site insurance value will be computed as 60% of retail price, but does not guarantee that the insurer will agree with the value assigned by the artist. Artists selected must sign a loan agreement provided by the Washington ACP. The Washington Sculptors Group will serve as the sole representative of the art in the show and sign an agreement with the ACP. Therefore, WSG will negotiate terms on behalf of the artists as outlined in the individual agreement between WSG and the Artist.

Artists may submit up to 10 slides. For existing work, please be clear about the images which represent the work you would like to have included in the show, vs work that you are showing as part of your portfolio of past work. Those making proposals for new work must provide images of design drawings which clearly show the piece/pieces you would like to make, as well as how it will be constructed. Additional portfolio slides should display the artist’s ability to make what they are proposing, or offer examples of past work that might be related to the project being considered.

Acceptable files include jpg, pdf, doc. but entrythingy responds best to jpg uploads. Written proposals should be turned into jpg files and uploaded. Submit all images with a resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum of 2MB each.

All images, and accompanying info will be presented anonymously to the juror for review. No mail or email entries will be accepted. All applicants will receive accepted or not accepted notifications.


Exhibition Dates: October 23, 2018- April 12, 2019

May 23, 2018                           Call for Entry

July 6, 2018                             Application Deadline

July 18, 2018                           Juror’s Selection

October 20-21, 2018             Installation

October 23, 2018                   Opening Reception 5:30-7:30pm; Artist Talk at 6:15pm

April 13-14, 2019                   De-installation

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