Ana Rendich

Fredericksburg , Virginia ,USA

Ana Rendich is a visual artist born in Argentina. She studied Scenic Design at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires before moving on to study Costume Design at the Instituto Superior de Arte at the Teatro Colón, one of the world’s premier opera houses.
The world of interiority, how we coexist with a particular area and each other, displacement, and collective mourning are prominent matters in her work.
She has been exploring the Japanese concept MA, it is a concept embedded on all our aspects in our life. Rendich went to a lecturer in NYC in 1994, given by Japanese architects and learned about the concept MA. Ma is associated with our relationship with our own space, internal and external and how we relate one with another one. Also, the interpretation of time and space, an interchange between matter and space, painting and sculpture. The emptiness in a space, or between spaces.
Sculpture and mixed media allow her to expand and enjoy different mediums. She finds that both aids gave her the opportunity to connect with space, form and meaning, in a three-dimensional manifestation, leaving all decorative items aside, and help her to concentrate more in exploration, questioning and contemplation; even in colorful and playful compositions.
When she is working, she finds the colors as she goes along. Upon seeing her art, many find that the colors draw their attention before anything else. The story behind these colors is born by the interplay between these colors. It is not color itself that matters most to her. Rather, the color is secondary, the whole composition makes the work, how each color relates with each other…. the togetherness, is what makes the work, but also the space in between.
She sees the reflections, compositions, materials and surfaces as comforting presences. Space for criticism is essential in her art, to reflect about our own actions and broaden our civic decisions expanding our possibilities.


Les Yeux du Monde gallery , Charlotesville- VA – Quirk gallery, Richmond, VA