Sassona Norton

Bedminster, NJ, USA

I sculpt the figure to express yearning—a complex emotion that stems from contradictions. Rooted in conflict and misery, yearning is the engine that propels us to overcome insurmountable obstacles and change reality. Yearning is primal and timeless. Yet every period has a need to define it as its own.

Nowadays, yearning amplifies voices of lost touch and connectivity that were the bricks of human interaction in the past. Powerful accomplishments have brought fast changes in every facet of life. But they have also given birth to increased uncertainty, mobility, indifference and isolation.

My fascination with hands, that have since become the subject of my monumental public artwork, started with their rich unique imagery. When the hand is flat with joined fingers, it is a rectangle; when the fingers spread out, it becomes a tree, and when they curl into a fist, the hand is a ball.