Marcella Morgese

Marcella Morgese is a Maryland based artist.  She received her BFA from Alfred University in New York. At Alfred, she learned both papermaking and welding. After graduating, she developed her work as a papermaker, showing in galleries and selling her work to corporations. Overtime her interest changed and she began exploring the world of welding . For many years she has been using steel as her medium.

Marcella uses mostly found steel and searches out farms, woods and old homesteads to gather the elements for her work. The shapes she creates are formed by both bending the steel cold and using a hot forge method. Her background in papermaking has had a strong influence on how she incorporates textures and subtle colors into her work. She is interested in the contrast of lightness and density. Her surface areas are built up layer by layer, creating semi-transparency, and positive and negative space.

Marcella’s pieces can be found in both corporate and private collections.


Washington Sculptors Group