Sharon Pierce McCullough

Gettysburg PA

Sharon Pierce McCullough is a visual artist engaged in a multidisciplinary practice that includes painting, drawing and sculpture.  An ecologically conscious artist, her work is constantly evolving through experimentation with recycled and natural materials. Her studio is located in her stone home, just outside of Gettysburg,  in Cashtown, PA.

McCullough's art practice attests to her experimental spirit as she explores colors, shapes and textures in many of her ongoing works.  Never static, her oeuvre demonstrates an artist constantly experimenting with possibility.  Works vary to include geometric, minimal and figurative abstracts. Sculptures range from representational to conceptual.

Working in an intuitive, yet intentional, manner, she works from quick sketches conjured from her creative thoughts.  "While I am inspired by painters and sculptors such as Twombly, Miro and Klee, I constantly strive to draw from my own inner creativity."

In the studio, Sharon toggles back and forth between paintings and sculpture.  Her sculptures make use of divergent materials such as plaster, found objects and cement, recently adding textiles to the mix. 

McCullough's original artwork has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in the country.  Her collector base is international.