Luc Fiedler

Mt. Airy, Maryland

I am a sculptor with an MFA from the University of California- Santa Barbara, and a BFA from Southern Illinois University- Carbondale. I also studied art and architecture in Belgium, France, England and Italy through the Intur Kultur Off-Campus Studies program.

While residing in Seattle in the 90's, I worked for a variety of companies and artists, as well as design and helped build the Cleveland High School foundry for the South East Arts Council in Seattle. I taught art at all levels/from elementary to college, and started my business Elf Foundry and Fabrication.

In 2001 Anne and I moved to the Frederick Maryland area, where I have my home and studio. The studio is equipped for stone and wood working, as well as blacksmithing and metal casting.

In my work I try to show  an inter-relationship to all things. Where elements within the compositions may be construed from nature, or man's industry. The suggestive forms derive from my interests metaphysics and in the sciences.

Witness of process is also an important part of the complete aesthetic. Hammer and tooling marks, or flashes and splashes associated to casting may be left on the surfaces. Also scale and proportions is meant to focus as well as confuse our perception of a given reality.


ABANA, Blacksmith Guild of Western Maryland, The Artists Gallery/Frederick, Swiss Club of Washington DC