Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my gallery?

1) Prepare your images and text in advance, and make sure that your images are no more than 1200 pixels on any side (if the images are larger, the upload may fail).

2) Go to the gallery submission form

3) Log in if you’re prompted to do so.

4) Upload up to 4 images.

5) Copy and paste in your artist statement, bio, or whatever kind of text you want to share about your work. I recommend that you do this, otherwise, there is a blank space to the left of the images on the gallery page and it looks odd. Do not list your email or website URL because they will be automatically displayed near the top of your member page.

NOTE: Your images will not appear immediately on the website, because they must be published by the webmaster. Please email me when you are done uploading and I will take care of that.

What size should the images I upload be?

The images you upload should be 1,200 pixels in their shortest dimension. For example, a square image should be 1,200 x 1,200 pixels. A landscape image should be 1,200 pixels tall, and a portrait image should be 1,200 pixels wide.

How do I prepare my images for upload?
  1. Go to the Squoosh app. This is a free tool that optimizes images for use on the internet. You can use it to prepare images for upload to any platform, not just WSG.
  2. Drag and drop an image onto the window of the Squoosh app. Your image will be displayed in a side-by-side presentation: on your left is the original image, and on the right is the optimized image. There is a sliding bar that you can move to reveal more of the left or more of the right image.
  3. In the lower right panel, ensure that the Compression is set to MozJPEG or Browser JPEG (it should be by default).
  4. Toggle the “Resize” button and the corresponding panel will open. All you need to do is change the appropriate dimension (if landscape, set the ‘Height’ to 1200, if portrait, set the ‘Width’ to 1200, if square, set either one to 1200).
  5. Visually inspect the image. If the original was a high-resolution image, the optimized image may look a bit fuzzy, which is normal. If the image looks good, you may want to reduce the quality (move the slider to the left) a bit in order to reduce the file size (smaller files display faster).
  6. Click the download button in the lower right corner and the optimized image will magically end up in your “Downloads” folder.
  7. Upload the image to this (or any other) site.