Penny Jacoby

A consistent theme of Penny Jacoby’s sculpture is one in which mass is played against void or empty space. While the works are created of solid materials, nevertheless the forms are either punctuated by seemingly random openings or enclose the surrounding space.

Most of her work is abstract, usually presenting a recognizable but simplified and distorted subject. Other pieces suggest purely theoretical ideas which convey such natural forces as becoming, growing or expanding. While both wall reliefs and sculptures-in-the-round are frequently composed of traditional media like clay and plaster, many others include found items or newer, synthetic materials combined in unusual ways. Throughout, color has been a consistent element added to rounded or angular shapes. In the past few years Jacoby has been experimenting with the addition of stained glass in order to introduce light as a feature to enhance the forms.

Penny Jacoby’s work has been exhibited mainly in mid-Atlantic galleries and art spaces though recently it has also been showing in a few galleries in the United Kingdom.

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