Lori Katz

I am intrigued by contrast, the play of dark against light, the pull of empty space against the inclination to fill it up, the placement of line and shape, the use of subtle texture, balance.

Several years ago, I began working almost exclusively in a palette of black and white in a conscious effort to simplify process and design. Lately, color has found its way in and my work continues to evolve. I have learned that in the end, process is never simple and good design is always balanced and strong.

My current work is stoneware with inlays of black and white stoneware. Additions to the raw surface can include slips, underglaze and high-temperature wire. Post firing additions can include acrylic paint, oil paint, cold wax and metal leaf.

I am influenced by minimalist art and design and the long traditions of Asian pottery and British studio ceramics.

I work in sets. Sometimes I work with the idea of a group from the moment I get into the studio each morning. Other times individual pieces become a group as I consider the balance and relationship of one component to another.

Email the Artist: LoriEKatz@gmail.com

Artist's Website: http://www.lorikatz.com