Judith Pratt

Judith Pratt – Point of Origin
Everyone has a point of origin—a geographical location, a personally held belief, or a cultural allegiance. Our points of origin shape and affect each of us in ways that last a lifetime. Point of Origin addresses this theme and is part sculptural installation, part political statement, part theatrical set, and part visual journey that the artist and the viewer share together. The complete installation covers an area of approximately 25 x 16 x 11 feet.

The installation is constructed mainly of paper and paper-related materials, including Lenox 100 paper, acrylic paint, and wood. During an exhibition, visitors are invited to take a pre-cut paper from a stack of paper cut-outs that are provided, write their first name and their point of origin on the paper, then place the cut-out over a spindle. During the course of the exhibition, a new intermingled totem evolves made up of our shared points of origin. The intent is to acknowledge our differences without imposing bans.

Email the Artist: judithmpratt@me.com